Majesty Signature Pedicure

Condition your feet with a unique three layer warm paraffin wax. This hydrating treatment helps boost circulation, relaxes your muscles and improves skin elasticity. Feet are then wrapped like a beehive in a warm towel. They emerge softer and more radiant. A grooming pedicure and massage follows with your choice of polish. $45


Royal Milk and Honey Soak

Majesty Spa invites you to pamper yourself like Royals. Immerse your feet in a warm milk and honey bath infused with your choice of aroma oils to relieve tension and stress. Your skin is exfoliated with our finest sugar scrub, gently massaged and wrapped in a soothing hot steamed towel. Your feet are skillfully groomed and polished as you enjoy the Ultimate Royal Pedicure experience. $55


Enchanted Flowers

Immerse your feet in Majestic waters filled with flower petals prized for their moisturizing and mood elevating benefits. Relax and renew yourself as fragrant oils and a fine sugar scrub are used to exfoliate your skin. An exceptional foot massage will complete your mind and body lift. $65


Little Royals


Place your hands in magical waters sprinkled with fairy dust, while you enjoy hand grooming and massage with your choice of polish and one nail design. $12


Place your feet in magical waters sprinkled with fairy dust, while you enjoy a soft sugar scrub and massage as your toes are perfectly groomed and polished. $16